About The Purple Ink Pen ...

Why purple? Because blue and black ink are over used and purple is different. It's also my favorite color.

Why ink pen? Because I like to write in pen versus pencil, crayon or marker.

Designed to openly express the off the wall, off the cuff, outside the box, and sometimes random musings of the free spirit behind the page, The Purple Ink Pen (TPIP) is all about getting some extra joy out of life. Why extra? Cause I’m extra. Extra loud, extra emotional, extra opinionated, extra loyal, extra honest, and extra crazy (the good kind of crazy). Also, I like extra: extra cheese on my pizza, extra dressing on my salad, extra wine in my glass, extra sun in my shine, and extra big in my hair.

TPIP brings you all the things that I find beautiful, hilarious, entertaining, interesting, enlightening, uplifting, encouraging, educational, heartwarming and fun. Oh and sexy. I’m inclined to get a little sexy from time to time.

I’m sure you won’t agree with everything I say all the time and that’s wonderful. I love to learn about different perspectives and I do enjoy an intelligent debate. However, I don’t do disrespectful trolls. So, if name calling and attempted character assassination is all you’ve got then please, keep it moving.

I’m here to add a little more color to your world. So, check me out. And if you like, stick around and smile a while.

--Joylissa LeFleur